August 15 – Connecticut State Parks Centennial Celebration

On August 15, 2013, the Connecticut State Parks system celebrated its centennial by launching a Summer Outdoor “Sojourn” (a portmanteau of “Summer Outdoor Journey”) that linked the northeast and southwest corners of the state in a single, 195-mile journey.  The Sojourn began in Quaddick State Park in Thompson and ended in Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, and including biking, hiking, and paddling trails intended to showcase some of the best outdoor activities the State Park system had to offer.  While many visitors enjoyed traveling the Sojourn one segment at a time, a small group of about twenty people undertook the Sojourn in a singled journey, completing the nearly 200-mile trek over a span of eleven days.

While many Connecticut towns and municipalities contained beautiful parks dedicated for public use by the early 20th century, no single statewide organization existed to manage parks and recreation until Governor Simeon Baldwin convened a six-member State Park Commission in 1913.  Over 100 years later, Connecticut contains 108 state parks which are managed by the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  Collectively, state parks remain one of Connecticut’s most visited attractions, with over 8 million annual visitors.

Further Reading

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